Philanthropy is a well-integrated concept in society today. Different stakeholders perform different functions to facilitate and encourage the concept of giving towards charity. As a donor, you should put heavy emphasis on being informed regarding the concept of philanthropy. Here are 4 major philanthropy magazines that you may consider subscribing to if you’d like to receive valuable information in the area of philanthropy.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This magazine produces and publishers news and opinion-related pages that generally revolve around the area of non-profit giving and the role it plays in the society. The magazine produces special reports, webinars, as well as benchmarking data and information of particular interest to nonprofit professionals and enthusiastic philanthropists. Founded in 1986, the magazine has continually encouraged and propagated the idea of giving towards charity and how it helps better the lives of the less fortunate.

The Nonprofit Times

The NonProfit Times is a 31-year-old dedicated magazine that publishes news information, analysis, special coverage, and any other information relating to the area of giving towards charity. The digital publication-based magazine focuses on providing unbiased and independent information, targeting to inform managers in the nonprofit sector. It also features instances of charity-based giving and the management of such resources through accountability and transparency.

The Contributions Magazine

The Contributions Magazine is a dedicated channel of information that focuses on reporting volunteer and charitable works within the US. The magazine churns out valuable information, tips, articles, and news relating to charity-based giving. The magazine’s prospected readership includes business managers whose foundations have a key taste for philanthropy. The magazine also details fundraising-related activities such as how to conduct online and web-based fundraisers, the writing of proposals for charity-based programs, and management and coordination of all volunteer efforts for optimal societal benefits.

The Non-Profit Board Report

This magazine is a fast-read resource dedicated to channeling news and information in the area of philanthropy to nonprofit executives and other persons with interest on given towards charity. The Non-Profit Board Report magazine helps individuals to stay up-to-date with valuable information, such as taxation that affects non-profit organizations, expert strategies on the area of fundraising, recruiting, managing, and coordinating charity-based volunteer work.