Fundraising events can be a great way to raise both funds and awareness for an organization. However, these events do require a great deal of planning and expertise in the execution phase of the event.


In an effort to organize the best philanthropic event, the organization’s team members would do best to work together and communicate with one another about the desired date, time, and location of the event.

The team should take into account whether they would like to have an indoor or outdoor event, what the weather may be like during the timeframe they are wanting to host the event, and also what season it will be on the day of the event. They may also want to avoid hosting the event on major holidays or on the same day as another major local event.

Pre-planning will help the team to narrow down exactly what kind of event they would like to have, and will help them to take into account the environment and ambiance they would like to have for their guests.

The Planning Stage

Once that is done, the team must then work together to contact numerous venues to be sure they will have space available for the organization to host their event. To err on the side of caution, the team should begin searching for venues far in advance, for at least six months to a year before the event itself.

When searching for the perfect venue, the team will want to be sure to ask about the maximum capacity of people that can fit in the venue, and also be sure that there is adequate and accessible parking for the guests, as well as accommodations for the disabled.

After the team has decided on the basics, like date, location, time, and venue, they will then need to decide on refreshments, beverages, activities, and entertainment. It’s important to stay within a specified budget, and it’s smart for public relations and marketing to be included in that budget.

To lower the event cost, organizers could ask if the venue themselves would like to sponsor their event, which could be a tax benefit to the venue themselves. Surprisingly, not many people are aware that many companies will be more than happy to sponsor space for a philanthropic organization to host their event. Some of these companies will offer a discounted price to a non-profit organization, or even allow the organization to borrow space or services for free.

After the Event

A philanthropy event isn’t over after the guests go home and the doors close. It would be best to have a group of volunteers on hand to help with cleaning up the venue and be sure to leave the venue as clean as possible.

It’s also wise to thank the venue and the guests that came out to support the organization. This will help the organization build a great reputation, which will, in turn, allow the organization the ability to return for another event, and for the word to spread about the organization in the community.