When disaster strikes, American folks often dig into their wallets and donate, but giving back entails much more. Volunteering is another quality here in the United States that racks up some huge numbers. For instance, every year, close to 63 million people here volunteer, and that rounds out to services in the amount of $184 billion. The U.S. is also very generous compared to the rest of the world and ranks 4th in giving to charity to the tune of about $410 billion annually.

Not every state in the nation is so free-handed, however, and some states are penny-pinchers when it comes to giving to others in need. Financial experts have pored over much data to arrive at their conclusions, and the results are fascinating.

Here are the Top Charitable States in America:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Utah
  3. New York
  4. Maryland
  5. Connecticut
  6. Virginia
  7. Georgia
  8. Washington
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Pennsylvania

Several factors come into play in determining which states are generous and those whose residents tend to hold onto their money. For example, data shows that Democratic states tend to be more generous than Republican states. In addition to individual donations, community efforts vary by states, as well. Some states have food banks and homeless shelters in their communities, and others do not.

One factor that doesn’t always make a difference is the wealth of a state. For example, California, Texas, Hawaii and Rhode Island are deemed rich states, but they are proportionately less charitable. On the other hand, Maine, Georgia and Ohio are poorer states, but they tend to be more charitable with the money they have.

Even Millennials play a role in charitable giving. The numbers show that Millennials don’t have a lot of money to give, but that’s alright because more of them give more goods and time than any other generation. It isn’t easy for most Millennials who are strapped down from college debt. The student loan debt has risen from $510 billion a decade ago to about $1.4 trillion today. Still, these young people are openhanded in donating clothes, food and other supplies and volunteering their time.

When it comes to giving, most people will respond to requests to donate in which they believe they can have an impact. In other words, generous folks want their gift-giving to matter.

In general, people in the United States are most charitable to religious organizations. Next on the list is education. Then, human services and foundations follow. Giving to causes involving health is fifth on the list. Public-society benefit and international affairs charities follow. Arts, culture, and humanities place eighth on the list, and environment and animals make the bottom of the list.

Where do you donate?