Utilizing Facebook as a platform for fundraising is an excellent opportunity to raise money for charity and other nonprofit purposes. However, it’s still important to weigh the pros and cons. Along with a multitude of fantastic benefits, there are some limitations and drawbacks to using this medium.


Of course, one of the greatest benefits of choosing to use Facebook for your fundraising is its wide reach across the globe. Virtually everyone in this day and age is a member of Facebook or can easily access it, no matter what city, state, or country in which they reside. You can be sure that your cause will be seen.

In addition to visibility, Facebook is the perfect catalyst for sharing information with others rapidly and in great numbers. Not only will a large number of people see your fundraising details initially, but many of them will pass the information along to others as well, further extending your reach. When using Facebook, there is a good chance that the news and details of your project, whatever it may be, will spread like wildfire.

Once someone decides to contribute to your cause, Facebook makes the process extremely quick and simple. Many online activities, tasks, and other processes involve multiple webpages, a barrage of forms to be filled out, a ton of clicking, and other requirements that may immediately seem like a hassle. With this platform, people who choose to donate money to your fundraiser can do so swiftly, easily, and without being redirected other webpages.


Unfortunately, using Facebook for fundraising does include some limitations and negative aspects. One drawback that has been discussed is the delay between the funds being donated and the organization receiving them. Sometimes the amount of time it takes for the donations to reach their target may be a bit more than ideal.

Another limitation people encounter is minimal follow-up access. Yes, news of your fundraiser may travel quickly and donations may accrue in extraordinary speed and numbers, but the information collected from contributors may be slight or even nonexistent. Because Facebook makes the donation process so quick and simple, many donors fail to input much or any personal information. This makes it nearly impossible to follow up with them in the future.

Many people find Facebook to be a perfect gateway to their fundraising goals, but if you are considering traveling this route, be sure to consider the drawbacks as well as the benefits.